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Weston Creek Clinc
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Gungahlin Clinic
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Mr. Kwong-yan, Cheung (Kwong) is an Australian trained physiotherapist with the Bachelor of Sports Science, the Bachelor of Physiotherapy and the Master of Sports Medicine degrees. He is also qualified to run the GLA:D program to manage knee and hip osteoarthritis. He obtains the APA Sports Physio level 2 and ASCA level 1 strength and conditioning. He is the Canberra Raiders’ Juniors’ teams’ physiotherapist (SG Ball and HM), and the Belconnen United Football (Men) teams’ head physiotherapist. And, he was involved in other teams previously: including Gungahlin Jets, Canberra United Academy, Wests Rugby, West Australian Futsal National teams, and Hong Kong Hockey Women National team.

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Specialty Areas

National disability insurance scheme (NDIS) Specialist

Osteoarthritis management
(GLA:D® program)

Sports Injuries

Non-operative & operative ACL injury /
Meniscal tear rehabilitation

Rheumatoid Arthritis management

Back / Neck pain


Isokinetic testing

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